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Meet kork.


Kork is a women-owned business founded in May of 2020 by two wine-loving friends, Isabel Carson and Kiki Ogino. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the two wanted to find a safe way of continuing their wine nights from 2,042 miles away and enhancing the sophistication of their palettes while doing so.


Isabel Carson


Kiki Ogino

Their goal was to bring together wine lovers like them from any part of the world to enjoy an adventurous learning and social experience from the comfort of their own homes. When beginning their journey in the wine industry, they realized how homogeneous the wine industry is and wanted to make a change. Kork's mission is to increase diversity in the wine world and make wine accessible to anyone and everyone who is interested.

From coworkers to pals to soon-to-be friends, we can enjoy and learn about the same bottle from miles away. In creating a space where wine-drinkers, wine-makers, and wine-masters can come together and share their knowledge and craft, Kork opens up a world of possibilities to anyone with a sense of adventure.

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