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Wine Glass Galore

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

By Kiki Ogino

Some of us are just getting ready to switch up that solo cup for something a little more “acceptable” in the real world, others have been drinking out of the same set of wine glasses we got from our parents when we graduated college. The rest of us have the stemless glasses we use for everything. If you already have the right wine glasses for each of your favorite types of wine, skip this; you’re already ahead.

If you’ve ever met a wine expert, you know that they’re specific. Whether it’s their insanely sensitive taste buds or their ability to look at you and know immediately what kind of wine you like, these people have been perfecting and mastering this craft for years. So, if high school has taught me anything, it’s best to listen to the experts and make informed educated decisions. None of that Wikipedia BS, we are all academics here. Some wines we drink more than others; my roommate loves Sauvignon Blanc (she’ll tell you all about her abroad trip to Italy) and I’m a huge Cabernet fan, so we have reds and whites stocked at all times. Anyways, we don’t need to break the bank here to get all the different wine glasses, but pick a few of your favorites and have them on hand so you know you’re drinking your wine the best way.

My personal favorite brand of affordable and durable wine glasses is Riedel, with a massive selection of different glasses, sets, etc. BUT you can also find great glassware at Crate & Barrel, Spiegelau, and the coveted Zalto glasses if you're feeling boujie.

**The Zalto Denk'Art glasses are a high-end set of glasses made in 2003 by Kurt Zalto, whose family has been glassmaking for 6 generations. This Australian company now makes the gold-standard of wine glasses!

Go get your new glass!

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